Flash lash Mode Mod 3. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Page 45 Download images or movie clips When the digital camera is turned on and connected to your computer, it is considered to be a disk drive, just like a floppy disk or CD. Post your question here in this forum. Equipped with a 6. Using the Zoom Function This camera is equipped with 3x optical zoom. Attaching the Camera Strap Attach the strap as shown in the illustration.

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First, read the manual; Check if your question has been asked previously; Try to ask your question as clearly as possible; Traveler dc-6900 you already try to solve the problem?

Forumrules To achieve meaningful questions, we apply the following rules: Slideshow Traveler dc-6900 The slideshow function enables you to play your images back automatically in sequential order. Back to home yraveler.

Edit and enhance images with photo editing tools, photographic filters, Page 53 Movie Menu This menu is for the basic settings to rtaveler used when recording movie traveler dc-6900.

The message will disappear after the printing is finished. Secure the camera to a tripod or traveler dc-6900 it on a stable surface.

The number of recordable images may vary depending on the recorded subject, the capacity of the memory card, if there are files other than images or when the recording is made while switching the picture traveler dc-6900 or resolution.

The zoom bar indicates the current level of 3 magnification.

Do you have a question about this product? Lets you print the specified image with PictBridge. Acquire photos, video or sound clips from various digital traveler dc-6900 types and easily browse or add personal descriptions; make timely modifications; or traveler dc-6900 the media through the medium of your choice: Page 23 Setting Image Resolution and Quality As you get to know the digital camera, you can set travsler image resolution number of vertical and horizontal pixels and image quality compression ratio traveler dc-6900 on the types of images you want to shoot.

Use the four-way controller T to Connecting the camera to the printer 1.

Traveler DC-6900

This low temperature will also traveker Alkaline battery performance, therefore Ni-MH rechargeable traveler dc-6900 are highly recommended Information on Disposal for Users private households 1. There is a separate collection system for these products.

Page 56 Setup Menu This feature allows you to set up the default settings by preference for using your camera. Page 19 Setting the Date and Time Follow the steps below to set the date display traveler dc-6900, current date and time.

Mode Dial You can select from seven shooting modes and setup mode according to shooting conditions to achieve the desired effect. Resizing replaces the original image with the changed image. Consult the store of purchase. Your question has been posted on this page Would you traveler dc-6900 to receive an email when new answers and questions are posted?

Page traveler dc-6900 Notes on Battery Usage When you use the battery, carefully read and strictly observe the Safety Instructions and the notes described below: Traveler dc-6900 [Yes] or [No] with the four-way graveler WX.

Traveler DC MP Digitalkamera – Silber | eBay

Go to the manual. Page 32 Magnifying Images While reviewing your images, you may enlarge a selected portion of an image. The step-by-step workflow, visual program interface, and in-program help assist users in creating exciting photo projects. For example, Anti-Semitic content, racist traveler dc-6900, or traveler dc-6900 that could result in a violent physical act. Page 49 Step 2: E-mail, Print, Slideshow Presentations.

The lens moves during the optical zoom photography, allowing you to capture telephoto and wide-angle shots. This might traveler dc-6900 the The focus mode changes each time the button is pressed.

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