Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Any ballpark number is fine, like months, a year? Boy what a waste of time that was yesterday trying to get those to work. Oh and I will save my money on buying BeyondTV. I have put together a Comparison Chart, and have placed it on the AutumnWave website here: The software also supports 4:

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OnAir Solution GT USB HDTV Receiver/Recorder Review

Yes, this is good clarification. Onair solution usb hdtv-gt remote looks fairly similar to any other HD Tuner remotes that I have seen. Fixed a problem where the program could not playback an Audio stream recorded with only an Audio channel. It is packed with neat features that are not found with some other tuners onair solution usb hdtv-gt slightly cheaper price, such as digital caption and SAP language support.

With this thought in mind, AutumnWave has come forward to address this new market need.

Dictionary mode is a unique feature. However, we still feel that it deserves onair solution usb hdtv-gt Seal of Approval Award. The Creator driver must be completely overhauled to become Hdtv-ht compliant.

On the main menu, you have the usual playback buttons: For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Just be sure you have the latest drivers for the Intel Video graphics.

Maybe it’s in need of an update. Latest News Latest Videos.

You may not vote on this poll Forum Jump: The tuner comes with the latest OnAir GT driver v3. There onair solution usb hdtv-gt no shortage of TV tuners designed for laptop users from many desktop TV tuner manufactures. Under the “other” section there are more options that are pretty self explanitory. The signal viewer is a neat little indicator which shows the strength of the incoming signal so you can use it to adjust your antenna.

Onair solution usb hdtv-gt are literally no audio or video synch issue and it looks just like my OTA receiver I was talking about.

OnAir USB HDTV-GT – Introduction

I know many of you Beefcake, jgenemans, bkloppenborg have discussed having the onair solution usb hdtv-gt option to record the entire transport stream including all sub-programs. If it does slow down the system I will be happy to watch on the laptop.

The software on this seems more than sufficient.

Oh and I will save my money on buying BeyondTV. Home Reviews News Forums. Also, newer cards that aren’t on this list should onair solution usb hdtv-gt support DxVA: Prince Vlad is offline. The external aesthetic of the TV tuner is visually pleasing despite the lack of any unique looks. The TV recording resolution listed is for analog TV.

So it will record p, i, and even p as long as the TV broadcaster is sending out the signal at that resolution. Here is the basic layout for the TV software in action.

3DP :: OnAir GT USB HDTV Driver download

We like it and will recommend it if you can afford it and onair solution usb hdtv-gt all the features. The aspect ratio of the File mode is separately managed from onair solution usb hdtv-gt modes. In addition, since the OnAir GT does not support tuning both analog and digital signals, you cannot watch two TV channels simultaneously—one digital and one analog. Position the mouse cursor over the word, and the word is automatically copied into any dictionary program or text box which has input focus.

It found all the channels!

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